Get a Snap Offer on your home before it’s even listed!


Sell your home in a Snap so you can skip the hassle of listing, staging, repairs, and months of wondering when your home will sell.

Listed on the market
Months of stress with repairs,
staging, and showings
Sold with the Snap Offer
Choice of moving timeline
with cash in hand.


Sell your home on your timeline without
the hassle of showings


Fast cash offer with no risk of financing

Radically Simple

Three easy steps, then
get paid within days

Selling is as easy as 1 … 2 … 3 … Cash It Out in a Snap!

Enter your home details to receive a
Snap Offer, as well as a suggested
listing price for your home.
Accept your offer and complete your
free home assessment.
Close on your timeline and get paid
within a matter of days.

What makes the Snap Offer so unique?

Traditional Home Sale

  • Buyer financing can be challenging
  • There are unexpected costs and a multitude of fees
  • You’re left to shop for contractors and deal with repair details
  • Waiting to find the right buyer can lead to stress and uncertainty

Snap Offer

  • Close in less than 30 days—and the price is competitive
  • We’ll explain the details of your home’s pricing and simplify the fees
  • Don’t want to deal with repairs? We can do that for you, and just deduct the cost
  • NO listing … NO repairs … NO staging … NO open houses—just FAST CASH!

Wall Street Companies

  • Expect a plethora of fees that drastically impact your net number
  • An offer may not be given on your property as it may fall out of their ‘comfort zone’
  • The inspection period is ripe for a 2nd ‘ask’ for a serious price reduction
  • Many times an extreme amount of money is left on the table without giving the seller the option of listing as a traditional sale


What’s unique about
your home?

Are there unique features about your home
that are positive selling points? We consider
those details when completing your home

We show you the
neighborhood numbers

We tell you, in your custom review, the exact
neighborhood homes that have recently sold
near you and how your home compares.

We are experts in the
local real estate market

Daily research, along with years of
experience, gives us a deep understanding of
market conditions and current trends.

Team Sandy Blanton Realty is
buying homes in the Pensacola
area in a Snap.

Escambia County
Santa Rosa County



Snap Offer’s transparent pricing model provides speed and certainty. We make a competitive offer on your home instantly, and you’ll receive a suggested list price if you want to sell traditionally. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Process

We’ll set up an onsite visit to your property. We’ll take everything into account. What makes your home unique? What have you upgraded? What needs work? Then you’ll quickly receive your Snap Offer, along with our recommended listing price for your home, should you decide to list it on the market.

Team Sandy Blanton Realty Snap Offer is the
cutting-edge choice for selling your home

The innovative program has transformed real estate into a seller-driven
model that keeps it simple for you and your family.

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